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Updated March 21st.

Infinite Jazz 003 is now available!

Shuffle Inc., "Come Together" is our first release this year, and here's what you can expect from the four mixes on this diverse 12".

The original deep mix by Julius Papp and Jay-J. Live vocals by Jo Jo (Michelle Haily), combined with familiar keys and jazzy instrumentation produce an uplifting and deep cut versatile enough to work any dance floor.

A massive stompy dub with a perfect combination of the dance floor elements. A minimal vocal sample with a looped bassline, chunky percussion, and rhodes loop towards the end gives it just the right flavor for prime time madness.

An upbeat breakbeat jam; perfect for an early morning or Sunday afternoon set. This mix features more live instrumentation, and a funky bassline.

A Standard White Issue Dub that strips the track down to its most basic elements while still maintaining its energy. The mix features trippy synths, a minimal driving groove, and dubbed out flute samples.

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d.j. carey stephen - under a grey sky - 2002
d.j. carey stephen - live at rhythm and form - 2000
d.j. carey stephen - shadows - 1998